Edge considers preserving buildings back to their original splendor a labor of love. We understand the value in protecting original features and work closely with clients to maintain and protect the original detailing of these signature buildings. 

Commercial and institutional buildings frequently offer unique architectural details including bronze, marble and ornate wood that have withstood for centuries. The fine craftsmanship of these finishes eventually deteriorate, oxidize and/or tarnish from exposure to the environment or wear and tear from everyday use. Specialty maintenance techniques have been developed to restore these delicate finishes, and Edge’s team of skilled craftsman are capable of restoring and maintaining your assets throughout its lifetime without compromising its original splendor.


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“I had the pleasure to work with Edge on projects in Dallas, TX and in Austin, TX. Edge has helped us during the punch list phase of our projects, to ensure any damage that occurred to the curtain wall during construction was restored to a like new finish. They do a superior job with their work and ensured a quality product was delivered to our customer. They are extremely knowledgeable in restorative work and pay attention to details, ensuring nothing is missed. They have been great to work with and I highly recommend them if curtainwall punch work is needed for your project.” 

Adam, Senior Project Manager