Through unwavering dedication, a true understanding of your needs and a unique perspective of the industry, Edge’s team of highly experienced and skilled technicians work closely with customers to provide quality restoration and maintenance solutions for: 




stainless steel / brass / aluminum / copper

Metals are known for their structural durability, but are also susceptible to damage from the environment and pedestrian usage. Expensive to replace when scratched or corroded, most metals can be refinished on-site back to a “like new” condition.


Various specifications can be applied to metals, and Edge offers a custom, cost-effective maintenance program based on customers’ needs and expectations.

Services include the refinishing and maintenance of items such as elevators, revolving doors, building entrances, lobby panels, columns, escalators, directory signs, handrails, window frames and luggage carts.



polished marble / granite / terrazzo /
limestone / concrete

While stone is commonly used in the entrances, lobbies, restrooms, vanities and walls of many buildings, it can be easily worn down with heavy foot traffic, becoming lackluster and losing its original appeal. When left untreated, stone can break down, making restoration or replacement extremely expensive. Edge recommends routinely restoring building’s stone adornments on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Services include the restoration and maintenance through cleaning, honing, and/or polishing of lobby floors, elevator cabs, elevator lobbies, vanities, counters, walls, columns, exterior pavers and drop off areas.




all species of wood / veneers

Wood is one of the most popular architectural assets, and can be found in almost any space. However, it can easily be scratched or chipped, bleaches out due to ultraviolet and natural light, and etches easily from water, cleaning agents and most foods and beverages. Like metal and stone, wood can be very costly to replace. Edge can refinish, recondition, or touch up all architectural woods and veneers on site in most environments.

Services include refinishing, resurfacing, or touching up wood inside elevator cabs, lobby panels, furniture and doors.



Carpet throughout a corporate office space is not only a substantial upfront investment, it reflects your company’s brand. Edge believes in protecting the life of that investment, and keeping your carpet looking new for as long as possible. Every carpeted area is unique, but they can all benefit from a proactive maintenance plan. That’s why we have invested in the latest technologies in dry extraction. Benefits of Dry Extraction include fast dry time, carpet stays cleaner longer and improved carpet appearance. 




curtain wall and metal panel touch up / 
metal / stone / glass

Services include  sanding, applying bondo, priming, and top coating damaged aluminum mullions/panels, onsite without the need to remove or reinstall, refinishing and cleaning all architectural metals, convert metal from a mirror to satin finish, satin to patina finish or brass to a stainless steel look. We also specializes in the restoration, cleaning, and/or polishing of all types of stones. Edge technicians can remove scratches, etches, and welding slag out of glass onsite, without the need to remove or reinstall the glass units.  



curtain wall of building / metal / stone / glass

The deterioration of external building surfaces can lead to costly repairs and potential maintenance, as well as significantly impact the value of a property, if left untreated. Maintaining the façade can eliminate costly problems further down the road, and keep property value intact.

Services include the restoration and refinishing of the metal components of the façade, such as metal window mullions and panels. Edge specializes in the application of high-performance coating, paints and clear coats to restore and preserve the life of the metal.




sanded grout / porcelain and ceramic tile

Tile of any kind is a popular feature throughout many properties; however, it is also prone to traditional wear-and-tear and heavy foot traffic. 

Services include restoration, deep cleaning, staining and sealing grout and tiles on lobby, bathroom, tenant level and cafeteria/dining floors.



exterior glass / etched and scratched glass

Glass is another popular architectural feature found on a building’s façade, storefront, or exterior and interior display windows. Glass can be easily damaged with scratches, welding slags, chips, or atmospheric contaminants. Edge uses a wide range of proprietary methods to remove these damages and restore the glass back to a like-new condition. Scratches, welding slag, and vandalism on glass can be buffed out, reconditioned and re-polished restoring its optical clarity.