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"I Gotta Have More Cowbell!"

Well…not always. Just as the infamous SNL skit with Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken depicted, adding more cowbell only drowned out the vocals, upset the harmony and was over-the-top obnoxious.

Property managers can relate as they review metal, stone and wood maintenance programs and forecast future expenses. What are the absolute “gotta haves” to make your building aesthetically pleasing while getting the most out of every dollar spent? Will these “gotta haves” elevate your property?

Your metal, stone and wood maintenance programs should be created to reflect the specific needs of your building rather than a generic industry standard program. They take into account your budget, your tenants, the traffic patterns throughout your building, and the locations of your architectural surfaces. The best architectural restoration service provider appreciates that no two buildings are the same and deliver on the following values:


Collaboration fosters efficiency and problem solving as managers and service providers consider different perspectives and insights before agreeing on a maintenance program.

Over Communication

Over communication should be an expectation from your service provider. It eliminates misunderstandings, provides time for feedback and demonstrates commitment to customer service excellence. So, how do you discern the “gotta haves” of a maintenance program? Call Edge for a walk through at 832-474-6644.


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